"I am a cook and I honor the Beauty of the Life in the time of the Table with food"


"Chef In Borgo"
International Award 2022

Renato Bernardi talks about “Chef in Borgo” International Award, delivered by “Mediterraneo Wine & Food and Travel”, international B2B fair of the Mediterranean basin, to professionals who promote Italian cuisine around the world through their activities.

A welcome recognition as Ambassador of the Mediterranean Diet in the world, for having expressed its characteristics and peculiarities in a dialogue with different gastronomic cultures.

Napoli, 06 June 2022

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“Aiming for the best, always, remembering the goal of authentic Italian cuisine: give intense pleasure to those who experience it.

My job is as romantic as it is rigorous and to excel you have to be at the top; aesthetics and substance, never so united as in haute cuisine, routes which do not admit for shortcuts for those who want to be the proud ambassador of Italian haute cuisine.

I work every day to spread the principles of healthy eating and I am proud to share my task with the best catering professionals. In Italy and in the rest of the world”

– Renato Bernardi –