"I am a cook and I honor the Beauty of the Life in the time of the Table with food"


Bottega Torciano: dietro le quinte di un Conviviale Gourmet

Renato Bernardi presents Bottega Torciano Restaurant Enoteca. A modern laboratory of research and culinary excellence in San Gimignano, in Tuscany, which last January 18 organized the convivial lunch organized by Bottega Torciano for the Italian Academy of Cuisine – Siena Val d’Elsa Delegation.

A special moment in the refined atmosphere, pampered by a Gourmet menu created to enhance the highest quality ingredients combinated with a selection of fine family-produced wines. A real sensory journey of Taste, created in collaboration with chef Renato Bernardi.



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“Aiming for the best, always, remembering the goal of authentic Italian cuisine: give intense pleasure to those who experience it.

My job is as romantic as it is rigorous and to excel you have to be at the top; aesthetics and substance, never so united as in haute cuisine, routes which do not admit for shortcuts for those who want to be the proud ambassador of Italian haute cuisine.

I work every day to spread the principles of healthy eating and I am proud to share my task with the best catering professionals. In Italy and in the rest of the world”

– Renato Bernardi –